96 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7AN

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The shop also offers:
Guitar Rescue - (setting up, repairs, customising) - Philippe Dubreuille: 0791 5058214
Audio Rescue - (repairs to record players, stereos, DJ equipment, etc.) - come in and speak to us.

We are trying to help local people through supporting food banks, helping the womens' refuge up in Kentish Town, helping people at the bottom end of the welfare system, and have been helping Jennie Bellstars' Hari Krishna food van (which with another van we've been bankrolling goes out to feed the refugees in Calais), etc., etc. An ever growing list of stuff that needs help. (Look around you!)

MORE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! Please come and do a few hours in possibly the craziest shop in the world!!


Fri. 21st Oct. - NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD - film showing in the shop. Starting at 7.00pm, adm. FREE!!

Fri. 28th Oct. - PETER PARKER'S R'N'R CLUB once again grace the shop. Starting at 6.00pm, adm. FREE!!



Fri. 30th Sept. - PETER PARKER'S R'N'R CLUB

Tues. 6th Sept. - THE LITTLE KIYOSKY Japanese "Country" singer, in the shop.

Wed. 7th Sept. - LADY LOW, Rock from USA, with a string section(!), playing in the shop. (They recorded a version of The Vibrators' "Baby Baby".)

Wed. 20th July - Anarchistwood

Fri. 15th July - the fabulous GRACE SOLERO played an acoustic gig in the shop with her band.

Fri. 24th June - PETER PARKER'S R'N'R CLUB

Tues. 21st June - ANARCHISTWOOD, Jesus Hooligan and the Unstoppable Achievers.

(7 Dec. 2015)
12th Dec. - ROCK 'N' ROLL RESCUE XMAS PARTY in the Dublin Castle. Acts included: Jud the Human Punk, Knox, Grace Solero, Peter Parker's Rock n' Roll Club, and celebrated one year of the shop!

(25 Oct. 2015)
LONDON SS had their EP launch party in the Dublin Castle, 3-6pm on Sat. 31st Oct. Supported by Black Shadows (Japan), Urban Dogs acoustic, and the Lurids (13 year olds' great punk band).

THE PUKES had their Christmas single launch party in the Dublin Castle on Sun. 6th Dec.,


(13 Oct. 2015)
Shop back to 'normal'.

(8 Oct. 2015)
Our shop is now a pop-up shop for FALL OUT BOY who are borrowing it to sell merchandise, and on Sunday one of them will be doing a signing session in the shop. FALL OUT BOY'S shop hours are: 10.00am - 5.00pm for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's really really great that this band is supporting Rock 'N' Roll Rescue, and together we'll hopefully raise money to help vulnerable people at the bottom end of society. Our normal shop will be coming back on Monday, and could possibly be open Monday afternoon, certainly by Tuesday. See you soon!

(23 Sept. 2015)
THE LIBERTINES borrowed the shop to use as a "Bucket Shop". Then we had the the very sucessful CAMDEN PARKWAY FESTIVAL on Sat. 5th Sept. This was centred at the DUBLIN CASTLE with bands, djs, etc. It was going to only last from 1.00pm - 6.00pm but it carried on into the evening. The charity shop has now returned in all its glory!

(25.7.2015) WE ARE NOW AN OFFICIAL CHARITY!! (Reg. Charity No: 11628929.) Plus we have applied for a business account and are currently waiting for this to be sorted out. Having it will mean we can take card payments, at the moment it's only cash.

Rock 'n' Roll rescue guitar

guitars and bass guitars - we really need lots of these, especially acoustic guitars
amplifiers - we need small combos
old record players
effect boxes
effect units (rack)
computer stuff
microphones and stands
leads plus connectors
PA stuff
recording stuff
gold records
clothes - incl. band shirts, etc

(all the above, and more!)

help the local food bank (Trussell Trust)
help people at the bottom of the welfare system
help the womens' refuge up in Kentish Town
give kids musical instruments
help animals, including cats!
help Black Dog mental health charity
help ill kids
help homeless people (not homeless hostel shareholders!)
help fund a group in Camden which tries to help people in local mental hospitals who are not well catered for by the current system. (At the moment if you were on medication which kept you asleep until say 7.00pm you would have missed the evening meal and wouldn't get anything to eat until the following morning. If you're only in for a few days probably not so unbearable, but if you're in for a long time and didn't have someone to look out for you it would be pretty awful.)

See our FaceBook page: ROCKNROLLRESCUECAMDEN where there are lots of photos and additional information.


Last update: 3 Oct. 2016